3 Situations You Need A Family Lawyer

Certain family situations can be complicated, and dealing with them is most likely something you can’t do on your own. You’ll need more than just a friend’s or colleague’s advice, especially when the matters involve legal bounds that you haven’t dealt with in the past. The key is knowing when to distinguish which family situation requires a family law practitioner so that you can get legal help accordingly and efficiently. 

Writing wills and estate plans

Family lawyers are at your disposal for legal situations you need to settle within the family. You’d want to keep this in mind if you encounter issues or circumstances surrounding the death or retirement of a family member. Most likely, there’s a need to settle estate plans and write wills. Not only that, but an attorney should also be able to help in making sure all the stipulations in the will or plan are followed to the last letter.

Aside from assistance in writing wills and estate plans, a family lawyer will also help in any mediation or arbitration in case the issue can still be resolved without involving the court. Say, if there’s something the family doesn’t seem to agree with on the will or estate plan, a lawyer may be able to help work things out. That way, you can save yourselves the trouble of appearing before a judge, not to mention the added stress and legal fees.

Child custody

Not all separations or divorce proceedings need to end up in a child custody case in court. If you and your partner are both amicable and can come to an acceptable agreement, you can iron out the terms of custody without any issues. However, if there’s something more severe and disagreeable about the separation, child custody can be challenging.

Consider hiring a family attorney if your ex is preventing you from seeing the children. Remember that the law may only restrict you from seeing your kids under legal prohibitions, such as if you’re a drug addict or an alcoholic. If there’s not enough ground to stop you from visiting or seeing the kids, you might want to consider seeking legal assistance to help ensure a winning case. 


Everybody wants their marriage to last forever, but things happen, one thing leads to another, and now, you and your spouse decided to finalize the union and get a divorce. While there was a downward trend for divorce in the late 2010s—reaching an all-time low of 14.9% in 2019—divorce seems to be a common occurrence. Although it’s a mutual decision from both parties, that doesn’t mean you’ll no longer need legal representation. This is the most common situation that calls for the assistance of a family attorney.

It’s not every day or every month that you go through a divorce, and as such, you need someone skilled enough on the matter to handle all the legal aspects surrounding it. From filing the divorce to settling or distributing assets and properties, your lawyer would be the one professional you can count on to make sure everything goes as smoothly and fast as possible.


Families go through hardships and challenges throughout their lifetimes. You’re lucky if the issue can be talked through and resolved without involving legal procedures. However, if things are getting way out of hand and you’re left with nothing else to do, it might be time to consider hiring a family lawyer to fight your battles.

Some of the situations you need to have an attorney by your side include divorce, child custody, adoption, and when writing wills and estate plans. These are all complex situations that may lead to something unfavorable on your end if you don’t act quickly and hire the best family attorney you can find.