Are you a property investor, looking for international opportunities that will provide you with a good return and a steady income in 2021 and the years ahead?

If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are lots of excellent locations available for you to place your capital, whether your intention is to watch your real estate’s value grow to then sell it on in future, or to rent your property out and enjoy regular earnings, perhaps to supplement your own salary.

With this in mind, find below 5 top countries in which to invest for real estate in the coming months and years! Also, if you require a visa to visit these countries before your property purchase, you can obtain your travel pass online.

1. Belize

If you are looking for an affordable location, we advise you consider investing in Ambergris Caye. It may cost you slightly over $290,000 to purchase a property with a perfect view. The area is gaining popularity due to its stunning beaches.

Whichever of the listed countries you pick, you will soon become a very successful real estate owner and investor. Make it your business and become richer. Enjoy the endless opportunities that all these countries can offer you.

 2. Spain

Spain too remains an excellent location to invest in property. According to a recent report by the central bank, the Bank of Spain, investors can expect returns of 9% from buying Spanish property while annual rental incomes stand at around 4%.

What’s more, there look set to be great opportunities to buy in 2021 and after. According to Funcas (FundaciĆ³n de las Cajas de Ahorros), prices may fall by 10-20% in the short-to-medium term, particularly in tourist hotspots like Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia and the Canary Islands. So for long-term investors, this is a good chance to purchase!

3. Italy

Welcome to Abruzzo. This fantastic region is surrounded by hills. You’ll be an owner of a $50,000 house. If you renovate it, you’ll be able to re-sell it for almost 4 times the sum. It is quite a profitable business. This destination is both beautiful and affordable enough.

4. Thailand

Asia consists of so many different countries. Thailand is very friendly and is always happy to see new people coming to buy property there. You can try and be an investor and not just a regular tourist there. Thanks to the treaty, it is especially easy for a U.S. citizen to purchase real estate over there.

5. Panama

This area is great for those who prefer safer places. If you have an American citizenship, then buying property in Panama will pay off since the government offers wonderful tax benefits. An investor can enjoy an income tax-free life for a decade!