canada immigration interview questions and answers

An excellent groundwork is the primary thing to do while prepping for an interview. In fact, the confidence to deal with the most difficult interview questions is generated from the homework you’ve done on yourself. If you are looking for a job, your focus must be on what you would achieve by answering heavy interview questions. In this article, we are going to show you how to answer Canada’s jobs interview questions.

Canada Job Interview Questions

Always have it in mind that tough interview questions give you a huge opportunity to showcase your prowess and prove to your potential employer that you actually know what your onions and can deliver when saddled with responsibilities. You must answer these questions in a manner which shows that you are proud of your career trail. It must also portray that you are searching for a chance to grow.

Having considered the above points, you can now understand that encountering a tough interview with confidence can become an authentic passkey.

The following is a list of hard-hitting questions you may come across and how you should answer them:

The Basic Question: Tell Me Something About Yourself?

Every job seeker like you will come across this question time and again. It is considered to be the most classic question, you must know that this is a tricky question to answer.

This question challenges you to create equilibrium. Your answer must be balanced in serving adequate information and giving enough detail about yourself. While finding balance, you must keep your answer relevant to the job you’re being interviewed for.

Reasons for Discontinuing Your Previous Job & Your Present Position?

Most of the times, this question comes immediately after “tell me about yourself”. In fact, this question lies the most important aspect with which the recruiter will get to know you. Every company looks out for a loyal and committed employee and this question will provide them with that understanding.

The easiest way to answer this question is to be completely honest and the answer must be relevant. While answering this question, you must have a positive approach. You should pay attention to the future and be respectful of your earlier employers. Talk to the recruiter about the skills you want to augment.

Do You Have Any Weakness?

This question is a source of fear among job seekers. However, you can answer this by opting for a professional style. You can also answer how your weakness can be used as an advantage if it is managed properly. While talking about a particular weakness, tell the recruiter that you are implementing strict actions to remedy it.

What Kind of Ambitions You Have For Your Future?

This question strictly means that the interviewer is trying to know if you can are planning to work for the company on a continuing basis. You should answer this question by stating that you want to attain a designation that would provide you with chances to thrive. Never signify that you may start a business of your own or make career changes.

How Much Salary Are You Expecting?

You must refrain from specifying an exact figure if it is possible. Talk more about how significant it is for you to discover further about the work. However, if the recruiter demands you to answer specifically then provide with a range to denote your worth in the job market.

Master the answers above and if possible, add a bit of technicality to it. You will be amazed at how you will do in interviews. Canada jobs interview questions may vary from the questions asked in your country but definitely related. All the best!