Let us teach you a couple of effective and useful tips to help you learn to pack your suitcases. Airlines set restrictions to the amount of stuff you can take.
If your luggage is too heavy, you will be charged extra fees. Luckily, there are a few tricks that travellers can use if they want to save money.

 Pack Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric

If possible, pack clothing that is less likely to wrinkle. For example, jeans won’t wrinkle as much as slacks.

Avoid packing anything made from fabric like linen or rayon, as these fabrics wrinkle easily.

Consider taking a few pairs of yoga pants in addition to jeans. Yoga pants rarely wrinkle, can be dressed up easily, and take up just a few inches of space.

You can also take a travel size bottle of wrinkle release spray for wrinkle emergencies.

 Choose clothes that match

Opt for separates. It will be easier to combine them. That will mean that you will need to pack fewer articles of clothing. Jeans is a great solution that will look good with both shirts and sweaters. Instead of baggy pajamas take comfy yoga pants. Take into consideration the colors of your clothes and think if they can be mixed and how well they match.

Keep Clothes in Place with Dry Cleaning Bags

Most clothes, no matter the material, are a bit slippery. Slip dry cleaning bags between each layer of clothing to eliminate any slippage or movement during travel.

By keeping your clothing and other items firmly in place, you’ll maximize your suitcase space and discover extra nooks and crannies where you can stash additional cargo.

Do not keep valuable jewelry in a suitcase

It is always recommended wearing valuable jewelry rather than putting it in your suitcase. Your luggage may be lost. If you want to take more jewelry than you can wear, place it in an empty pill bottle. There are also special weekly pill boxes. They are especially good in those cases when you want to keep various jewelry pieces from getting entangled.

Wrap Your Clothes Around Breakables

Thoroughly wrap any fragile items that are at risk of breaking. An easy way to do this in a pinch is to wrap breakable items in the clothes you’re already planning on taking on your trip, like a soft cotton T-shirt. Secure these items firmly in your suitcase so they won’t be able to bounce around.

Consider packing breakables in your carry-on luggage to ensure you have control over how much your bag is tossed around.