Daily habits that destroy the kidneys

Kidney diseases of all types became a dilemma that’s difficult to affect , especially as they are doing not affect a specific group but rather an outsized segment of society, And what complicates the matter are those unbearable symptoms
From severe pain within the lower back that becomes temporarily paralyzed as a results of pain, nausea, fainting, and a yellowish face amid darkening of the eyes
All these symptoms suggest the necessity to travel to the doctor quickly to diagnose the condition, as soon because the doctor confirms to the patient that he has renal failure ,A disturbing dream begins with the process of filtering the blood with these machines, which is the worst experience in the patient’s life. , which are considered the worst experience in life.
The question remains, which caused tons of controversies: Why can we get this disease? What are the daily actions that seemed normal to us, but almost ended our lives?

Misuse of pain relievers

We are exposed daily to cases of headaches and pain, so as soon as you are feeling that we rush to require painkillers from paracetamol et al. , which seem to us a perfect solution to urge obviate headaches, but the reality is sort of the other .
The biggest enemy of the kidneys is those painkillers that attack the kidney function, through the buildup of those chemicals over time, because the abuse of painkillers is an addiction to them and is amid overcoming headache periods without counting on them, therefore the problem turns from an easy one to at least one of the foremost serious health problems that end with blood filtering And nightmares that are difficult to urge obviate .
As a results of damage to the kidneys as a results of these substances, if we take painkillers rationally, we’ll not fall under the aforementioned problems, of course,They are related to everyday behaviors that are harmful to health, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, because they affect sedative users just as much as the traditional person.


We all have very sophisticated phones and computers, we use them for unlimited times, up to late hours in the dark , and there are those that don’t sleep thanks to bad use of them.
The affected body remains favorite from all of this in order that the body needs approximately 8 hours of continuous sleep to permit some organs to function during the sleep period
The kidneys renew the body cells and filter the blood throughout the sleep period, to excrete all those toxins and harmful deposits within the urine, which causes an excellent effort during this era .
However, people that prevent sleep for any reason, but the kidneys during a very critical and dangerous position, in order that they prevent it from performing its job and make matters worse by placing it under tremendous pressure subsequent day as a results of the buildup of poisons within the body.
Which results in an explosion, and immediate injury to renal failure .

Eat animal proteins

The protein content decreases in plants, unlike meat, where meat is that the largest source of protein, so we discover people with renal disorder are familiar with overeating protein-rich foods, as they put the kidneys during a state of terrible pressure resulting from the rise within the amount of protein within the blood, which is difficult to filter To release toxins
It is possible to understand the quantity of protein that the body needs daily with an easy calculation (multiplying the weight by 2). it’s required to not eat protein quite the share that the body needs daily, so as to take care of it. The health of the kidneys, which is exhausted from filtering blood after consuming it at a rate exceeding prescribed .

Entering the toilet

Sometimes we are in situations which will not allow us to travel to the rest room , whether during travel or during important meetings or some cases during which we will never attend the rest room , for each fact this is often the most important destroyer of the kidneys and therefore the biggest mistakes which will cost us our lives
When you want to urinate, the body sends alerts to the brain suggesting that urine should be excreted quickly thanks to the large amount of poisons that has got to be excreted.
And once you refrain from urinating, the toxins and harmful deposits that the kidneys have filtered from the blood remain within the body, then they’re unable to filter function again in order that the blood remains polluted and therefore the kidneys are unable to filter, and therefore the bladder is filled with toxic urine, this is often the very fact of abstaining from urination.
You should never prolong, but you ought to go quickly to the rest room to form the kidneys completely res

Eat salt

Among the foodstuffs that are considered an enemy to the kidneys, salt prompts the salt to stimulate the emptying of the interior water pockets of the kidneys, which are the most pillar in filtering the blood. As soon because the salt enters the mouth, we feel very thirsty. this means the signal that the brain sends to the kidneys to excrete the stored water from so as to take care of the water level within the body, so as to preserve the function of every organ
When you eat more salt, we eliminate the water level within the body and its share of dehydration, it’s sort of a car engine without lubrication.
Then some deposits begin to accumulate within the kidneys, forming stones, which is additionally one among the foremost common diseases.

Not drinking water

The body needs 2 liters of water daily, no matter the days of thirst, and if you are doing not drink this amount daily, whether in summer or winter, the danger won’t get on the kidneys alone, but on all other organs
Because 80% of the body’s mass is water, therefore the state of health collapses as soon because the water level is lacking, especially within the winter season once we have always avoided drinking in good quantities.